Friday, November 22, 2013

Maggie: A synopsis

Our blogging hiatus has ended after more than a year. We'll skip all the boring details and go straight to the part where the baby is born:

Week 1:

Your birth went about as smoothly as those ordeals go, and you immediately showed an alert curiosity in the world around you -- and a preference for being held. Luckily, all four grandparents and Uncle Mitchell were there and more than willing. Pap and Gran stayed with us for a week and helped take care of you. Aunt Emily visited on Saturday. All agreed that you were very sweet.

Week 2:

Gigi and Uncle Mitchell stayed for a week, and visitors also included Uncle Michael and Aunt Allison, Great Granddaddy and Grandmama and Gramps. Similar conclusions about your sweet nature.

Weeks 3-8: The Witching Weeks: 

Ah, but things change. This was a sleepless time, as you stayed up late and would generally only rest being held atop your mother's belly. Perhaps you wanted back in. The purchase of a Rock’n’play sleeping device (sort of like a baby-safe hammock) proved to be a lifesaver. We think stomach problems contributed to your angst.

Week 9: We began a procedure, which we read about in a book, of laying you down in your crib and whenever you cried, picking you up to calm you down. As soon as you were satisfied, we’d put you back down. We exchanged shifts for about an hour and a half at a time for one very long night. But after that first night, you did really well on your own in the crib. We were so proud.

Week 10: Pap and Gran visited again, and Gran discovered your art appreciation, even at this tender age, and would take you around to look at paintings on the walls throughout the house; she also read books to you, and Pap would sing VBS songs, which you really liked.

Week 11: We visited the Frogfest in Leland, which is the birthplace of Muppet and Sesame Street creator Jim Henson. You rode in your stroller and had a good time, although we didn’t stay long. There was an unfortunate confrontation with an overzealous blood donor recruiter, who wouldn’t take no for an answer about giving blood, although she had to eventually. You handled her with remarkable poise for an 11-week-old.

Week 12:

You began to really get good at grabbing things. For about a week beforehand, you would frantically open and close your hands, as if practicing, and get frustrated. But you soon mastered the skill. Two favorite targets were Mama’s hair and a satin blanket. You also dressed as a ladybug for Halloween.

Week 13: While Daddy went to a conference, you and Mama visited Gigi’s, where you showed her co-worker's how strong your lungs were.

Week 14: 

You started getting plumper, including fat rolls on your wrists, and finally made it through church services, both class and worship, without crying.

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  1. Love this blog. You need to keep it up so we grandparents and great grandparents who live far away can keep up with little Miss Magpie. Be sure to tell Cathy you have written this, she will like it. Love the pics you send1