Saturday, September 22, 2012


We ventured northwest for Ashley's 23rd major league stadium: Safeco Field in Seattle. The game was great: A 3-2 comeback win for the home team in the bottom of the ninth over the Tampa Bay Rays. Unfortunately, we decided, in lieu of the day game the next day, to go to the Museum of Flight. Thus, we experienced an underwhelming tour full of arcane information written by engineers instead of witnessing Felix Hernandez pitch the 23rd perfect game in baseball history. But we learned an important lesson: Baseball always trumps science.

Our view from the Space Needle. We ate at the restaurant, which rotates at the top. The food was really good for an expensive tourist trap. The view was great.

Visiting the Jay Buhner exhibit in the Mariners Hall of Fame fulfilled a nearly lifelong yearning of Charlie's.
As was visiting a restaurant bearing his name. No word if they refuse to put onions in any entree.

On the waterfront.

This prototype flying car, which actually flew, was the highlight of the underwhelming Museum of Flight.

Ashley leaps within the Grove of the Patriarchs in the National Park surrounding Mount Ranier. 
And she ascends in a gondola toward a view of the mountain at a ski resort open to regular tourists in the summer.

Mount Ranier.

Safeco Field from our preferred seats, upper deck, behind home plate.
The fatal struggle of the salmon reminds us all of the vanity of life.

And Chief Seattle's stony countenance to be wary when the white man offers you a land deal.

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