Saturday, September 15, 2012


In shocking defiance of everything he has previously stood for, Charlie is now a co-owner of a dog. Yes, he occasionally jumps away when Crackerjack jumps toward him and doesn't trust him to eat food out of his hand without biting. But overall, the two have bonded well. The connection was cemented when Crackerjack instinctively knew using the bathroom in Charlie's car would be a very, very bad idea, so he held it in until rest breaks after we picked him up from one of Ashley's friends in Nashville.
He was the runt of an 11-pup litter, but is growing a lot already over the two weeks we have had him. His hobbies include chewing leaves, chewing toys, chewing sticks, eating deer droppings and having Ashley rub his belly. His nine-week shots are coming up at the vet on Tuesday.

Crackerjack in the woods

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  1. He us a beauty. But dogs won't go to the bathroom where they sleep unless they just cannot hold it. I hope you all really enjoy him.