Friday, July 13, 2012


We're starting this blog mainly as a way to communicate with family and friends about our lives. We've not yet decided on an exact theme or approach we'll take, but here are a few options under consideration (Note: We reserve the right to take some literary license to exciten things):

1. A young couple living in the Deep South strikes off a new adventure: albino pumpkin farming. With the help of their animal friends, earthworms and the like, they try to conquer the wiles of the wild and the cunning of their animal enemies, deer, raccoon and the like. It all culminates with a hayride for the ages.

2. A cautionary tale about undertaking do-it-yourself projects when you possess no mechanical ability.

3. A travelogue of various Major League Baseball parks, with in-depth reviews of concession offerings and tips for dealing with the ignoramuses who inevitably sit behind you.

4. An ambitious accountant teams with a fledgling reporter to document every aspect of their lives with an auditor's attention to detail and a journalist's commitment to honoring the First Amendment right to speak truth to power.

Perhaps in time we'll integrate all those ideas. We welcome suggestions.

Coming up first is the story of our recent trip to the Mill City and its low-key twin.

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